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About Mike

Mike Norton has 20+ years of experience as a CEO, Senior Executive, and Legal Counsel to three major transportation companies specializing in shipping and transportation. His experience in leadership and business have led him from supporting Republicans, to Democrats, and then to finding a new home with the Green Party as he finds it necessary to push for change from outside the major parties. Mike is also a father to two daughters, the youngest of whom will graduate high school this year, and is in this fight because he wants them to inherit an Arizona that is sustainable and climate resilient. He also enjoys sailing and is an avid outdoorsman which only strengthens his convictions to protect Arizona’s public lands and wildlife.

The Bottom Line

Mike has been a long-time opponent of the rise of extreme politics in America and is now taking his activism to the next level with a run for the United States Senate as the Green Party’s nominee. He believes in social justice, equal opportunity, and that we need to return our democracy back to the grassroots. Our focus must be on the future and, especially, the future of our planet.

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